Aspiring to an ultra

I mean how can I have come from being a a soccer player to wanting to run an ultra?  I’ve gotten this question and I’m not real sure how to answer it.  Everything I keep hearing is that I’ll have to become friends with and be comfortable with the pain and discomfort.  How can that be something I want?  I also hear that I will become stripped raw and could have a breakdown in every way.  How can these be things that I want in my life?  I came to the realization that many of the things I want are really things that other people want and therefore I wanted.  So the question was presented to me as what is it that “I” want?  While this may sound cliche, it was very real and very recent.  So as I continue to think about this I continue to think about ultras.  Thanks for being part of this journey with me 🙂


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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