My first trail race

So, I did it.  I ran my first trail race (about a month ago).  I ran the Horseshoe 25K with @TrailRacingOverTexas.  This race was billed as the toughest Mountain Bike single track trail in the Houston area.  I liked the idea that it sounded challenging and was near the beginning of the year.  I also liked that it was further than I’d ever run before, but not so much further that I would need months and months of extra training.  I’ve been training with a coworker most days of the week with mileage getting longer and longer every week, so I felt comfortable doing it.  I love the fact that (within reason) I’m not as concerned about my pace while running on the trail.  That certainly relieves a lot of pressure and anxiety.  I signed up for the race pretty late in the process to make sure I felt good about it when I did.  It rained for about a week before the race and the night before as well.  Turns out that trail races are susceptible to weather.  About 13 miles of the race was either mud or under water.  Therefore the 25K took 5 hours and 13 min to complete.  The best part about it is that I didn’t mind at all.  I’m just thankful that I completed the goal and had my friends and family backing me the whole way.  On to the next…

Thanks for joining me on this journey


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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