Intense focus

I learned a few good lessons at HorseShoe this year and was able to apply some things I’ve recently learned as well.  One of the things that I was able to apply was something that my son taught me.  He taught me that sometimes a very intense focus is needed to overcome something that is directly in front of you.  This thing can be a physical or mental obstacle.  It’s the type of obstacle that makes it very very hard to think clearly.  It feels like it just scrambles your vision and your brain.  It feels like an earthquake inside your brain.  From these types of experiences I’ve learned how to find that focus and apply extreme intensity to it so that you are able to process and overcome this obstacle that stands in front of you.  This type of extreme focus helped me to process, categorize and prioritize thoughts and actions to get through HorseShoe.  Sure, this was only a 25K.  Sure this was only a little mud as opposed to war or death.  However, it’s what I needed at that time.  We all need something different to adapt and overcome.  We all need a little different training to be prepared.  We all need a little different thing to feel confident.  I’m grateful for all the help and support that my family, friends and ambassador teams provide to help me be successful!

Thanks for joining me on this journey


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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