Rough week

Whew, last weekend (march 4) was a rough training weekend.  I did 70lb walking lunges Friday evening and was supposed to do a 22miler on Saturday morning.  I am breaking in some new trail shoes and had some seriously sore quads which led me to only getting 16 of those 22 miles in.  I also had some knee pain that was ultimately why I cut the run short.  I was lucky enough to have a buddy and nice weather though.  That was nice 🙂  I think I need to take recovery more seriously from now on.  These longer runs and tougher workouts require a whole new level of recovery!  My old (and some of my new) tactics just aren’t cutting it.  So, I decided to take last week off.  While I was off, I had my knee worked on (graston, art, cupping and myofascial release).  I still haven’t really run again any significant mileage to speak of due to some lingering pain, but it’s getting better.  I planned on running this past weekend (march 11) or this week.  It’s been raining here so I’m taking a little extra recovery.  Typically, my recovery consists of drinking water, stretching, rolling out, taking an overnight recovery pill, muscle cream and ice/heat as needed.  I know there are some more things that I could be doing, but they usually cost some additional money.  I’ve tried cryo recovery, deep tissue massage, estim and ice baths but have not tried compression yet. It gets a little nerve wracking when you sign up for a race and then you have stuff like this happen.  It never fails though, train all year long with no races and have no issues.  Then you sign up for a race and start having silly little nagging pains.  That’s how it goes.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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