Good starters

I’ll take a good starter over being consistent any day.  Consistency is the key for long term success but how do we get there if that’s not our strong suit yet?  You have to be a good starter.  You have to start the first time.  Then you have to start at lunch. Then you have to start the next day.  Then you have to start the next week.  But, guess what, we all fall off and make mistakes.  So, what separates us?  The ones that start right back up again; the good starters!  Once you’re a good starter you work on your consistency and you see that being a good starter is all consistency is really about.  I’ve tried this philosophy out quite a few times in January.  It usually ends sometime in February.  This time, I started it late July after having my coach write me a meal plan.  I’ve mostly stuck to it since.  I stray just like every normal person does, but you just start over again at the next snack or meal to get back on track.  I’ve reset my body weight set point down by 10 pounds.  This means that where I used to “hover” for body weight is now much different after following this plan for more than 7 months!  I’ve tracked my body weight since 2008-2009 so its really fun to see the changes I’ve made over that time!

Thanks for joining me on this journey


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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