Wisconsin Half is here!

This is my first “travelling” race!  I’ve driven 3 hours at most to a race.  However, this is my first the I’m flying to the race!  I’m super excited.  My packet arrived via snail mail, whew!  Shoutout to Crystal Ware for also encouraging me to do some travelling races!  Weather looks great!  Low 36 / high 53 20% precip 17mph N 55% humid.  This is looking like PR weather.

I’ve had 3 shakeout runs this week and my knee is holding up, but my hip flexor is still a little tender.  @Pirate_hawkins_the_runner and I might have to change our goals though.

Tips on how to pack for travelling races:

– Race weekend checklist

– Travelling race checklist

– Race site

Runner Tracking 

The race does not have traditional tracking at the race, but we do have split mats along the course at a couple locations. When you cross these mats, your split times will be automatically uploaded to this site where your family and friends can see your progress: Results

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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