Wisconsin Half results are in!

Wisconsin Half is done – @Pirate_hawkins_the_runner and I had fun!

Pix http://www.simphotos.com/17/whismara.html

Results https://results.chronotrack.com/m/ctlive/#23309

We had a great time! It was about 40 degrees and wind was about 20 mph.  We didn’t wear pants but we had gloves on 😉  First 10K went really well, was mostly flat and mostly not windy.  We were doing 15min jog / 1min walk and running negative splits!  Every mile or so I pushed a little harder.  I wanted to see how “the Pirate” and my knee would hold up.  The second 10K got a little rough.  This is when the “elevation” started.  For most of you I know it’s not really elevation, but for us it was 🙂  Also, the wind was now 20mph headwind!  Adding that to negative splits really tore up his calf.  Therefore we decided to change it up to 4 min jog/1min, walk, just have fun, slow down and finish.  We finished with hazelnut beer and a brat!  That’s the way it’s done!  We danced a little while we warmed up and we danced a little while eating brats 🙂  After that, we hit the shower and returned to Chicago.  I got to see FleetFeet Chicago and then went to Coalfire Pizza!!  I got a Viking Vacation (drink) which was nice.  From there, a relaxing time on the couch watching a movie was in order.  Next day we hit up the 606 path for a recovery run.  Super cool running path with padded edges to run on!  Perfect trip with awesome friends!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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