New trail!

Time on the trail has revealed to me a whole new perspective on running, getting outside and getting fit.  We sometimes find ourselves running the same old route for multiple reasons.  Sometimes, it’s simply having the time.  Balancing a growing family and full time job, it can be super tough just to get a run in at all.  Sometimes, it can be a mental block that x and y and z all have to be in place or the run won’t go well or even happen at all.

As my running has evolved and I’ve been exposed to new and different things I’ve been shown some of the more fun aspects of running.  I’ve found all kinds of fun people and apps to point me to new and different trails and experiences.  Sometimes it’s concrete/asphalt and sometimes it’s dirt.  I’ve changed most everything about my fitness to accommodate these differences.

The one I’d like to mention today is @Strava Global Heat Map for helping me find new fun places in my own backyard.  Only a short drive away and I found some really fun concrete and dirt.  IG Post here.

The past week our family had some sadness and I have been able to see new trail 4 times since.  There is something cathartic about getting outside and venturing into new territory.  It’s not too extreme, but just enough.

I’ve decided to push back my goal to run BrazosBend100 (50 miler) to 2018.  I was presented with an opportunity to run the Chevron Half Marathon for $5 with one of my longest running buddies.  I look forward to one of my other longest running buddies being home in 2018 so we can spend some time catching up.  2018 will also have another runcation or 2 with Pirate Hawkins the Runner to look forward to.

Most thanks of all to my family for supporting me while I’m off on some trail experiencing something new.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!


Author: mckennaonthemoveblog

Runner, father, soccer player

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