Plantar Fasciitis

So, I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for over a month now.  It’s really been making it tough to run.  I think I can track it back to running barefoot at the water park to get our towels when it started raining.

  • I’ve tried about half of the things I’ve read about or heard to do to fix it.
  • Stretching helps but isn’t really different from what I did previous to the water park.
  • I thought I should use heat since I thought the fascia was tight.  After reading more and more I see that I should be using ice.  I’ve iced a few times and that only helps minimally.
  • I got a massage on my calves and feet which helped for about a day or 2.
  • I’ve tried Feetures Plantar Fasciitis socks which helps some since it’s an all day type of thing.
  • I’ve been doing Yoga once a week which seems to help for a day or so.
  • I know I need new shoes, but I don’t think adding a new variable is a good thing at this point.

Nothing really seems to kick it completely, however, the cold weather is coming and it would be really nice to enjoy it outside.  I’ve continued to run and lift while this has been going on, but it makes for a tough next day.  I’ve heard that Graston could help.  I’ve used that on my shoulder and other places and it’s helped a lot.  Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated!


New trail!

Time on the trail has revealed to me a whole new perspective on running, getting outside and getting fit.  We sometimes find ourselves running the same old route for multiple reasons.  Sometimes, it’s simply having the time.  Balancing a growing family and full time job, it can be super tough just to get a run in at all.  Sometimes, it can be a mental block that x and y and z all have to be in place or the run won’t go well or even happen at all.

As my running has evolved and I’ve been exposed to new and different things I’ve been shown some of the more fun aspects of running.  I’ve found all kinds of fun people and apps to point me to new and different trails and experiences.  Sometimes it’s concrete/asphalt and sometimes it’s dirt.  I’ve changed most everything about my fitness to accommodate these differences.

The one I’d like to mention today is @Strava Global Heat Map for helping me find new fun places in my own backyard.  Only a short drive away and I found some really fun concrete and dirt.  IG Post here.

The past week our family had some sadness and I have been able to see new trail 4 times since.  There is something cathartic about getting outside and venturing into new territory.  It’s not too extreme, but just enough.

I’ve decided to push back my goal to run BrazosBend100 (50 miler) to 2018.  I was presented with an opportunity to run the Chevron Half Marathon for $5 with one of my longest running buddies.  I look forward to one of my other longest running buddies being home in 2018 so we can spend some time catching up.  2018 will also have another runcation or 2 with Pirate Hawkins the Runner to look forward to.

Most thanks of all to my family for supporting me while I’m off on some trail experiencing something new.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!


I would just like to say how thankful I am for the past year of support, training and racing.  Every month has brought a new and different challenge.  I had a few small injuries along the way that kept me from training and posting.  However, I’ve been training and doing pre-hab to keep me going lately.

I recently found a new tool to help me find new routes which has proved very fruitful: Strava heat map

Thankful and sending love to everyone today!


Wisconsin Half results are in!

Wisconsin Half is done – @Pirate_hawkins_the_runner and I had fun!



We had a great time! It was about 40 degrees and wind was about 20 mph.  We didn’t wear pants but we had gloves on 😉  First 10K went really well, was mostly flat and mostly not windy.  We were doing 15min jog / 1min walk and running negative splits!  Every mile or so I pushed a little harder.  I wanted to see how “the Pirate” and my knee would hold up.  The second 10K got a little rough.  This is when the “elevation” started.  For most of you I know it’s not really elevation, but for us it was 🙂  Also, the wind was now 20mph headwind!  Adding that to negative splits really tore up his calf.  Therefore we decided to change it up to 4 min jog/1min, walk, just have fun, slow down and finish.  We finished with hazelnut beer and a brat!  That’s the way it’s done!  We danced a little while we warmed up and we danced a little while eating brats 🙂  After that, we hit the shower and returned to Chicago.  I got to see FleetFeet Chicago and then went to Coalfire Pizza!!  I got a Viking Vacation (drink) which was nice.  From there, a relaxing time on the couch watching a movie was in order.  Next day we hit up the 606 path for a recovery run.  Super cool running path with padded edges to run on!  Perfect trip with awesome friends!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Wisconsin Half is here!

This is my first “travelling” race!  I’ve driven 3 hours at most to a race.  However, this is my first the I’m flying to the race!  I’m super excited.  My packet arrived via snail mail, whew!  Shoutout to Crystal Ware for also encouraging me to do some travelling races!  Weather looks great!  Low 36 / high 53 20% precip 17mph N 55% humid.  This is looking like PR weather.

I’ve had 3 shakeout runs this week and my knee is holding up, but my hip flexor is still a little tender.  @Pirate_hawkins_the_runner and I might have to change our goals though.

Tips on how to pack for travelling races:

– Race weekend checklist

– Travelling race checklist

– Race site

Runner Tracking 

The race does not have traditional tracking at the race, but we do have split mats along the course at a couple locations. When you cross these mats, your split times will be automatically uploaded to this site where your family and friends can see your progress: Results

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Some fun info for the weekend

Documentaries over the weekend:
Life in a Day – amazing video about Western States 100 – “You live a life of emotions in one day of racing a 100”
Life in a Day podcast on Trail Runner Nation – cool podcast that follows 3 of the 4 stars from the video above
Texas Trail Blazer  – documentary about the RD for Trail Racing Over Texas (the races i run)
Darkness – interesting piece of ultrarunning you hear everyone talk about
The Caballo Blanco Experience – youtube video about running in the canyons (have you read Born to Run yet?)
Losing Sight of Shore – full length documentary not out yet, but the trailer is.  It’s about some super powerful women completing an amazing challenge, check it out 😉

Thanks for joining me on this journey!